Stop SOWRY and Save Innocent MEN


Why Men’s Rights is quintessential?

The Highest committed suicide rate in India is married Men due to the false cases. No gender-neutral laws in India. No punishment was given to women even though they put false cases on Innocent Men in India. Men are also human beings and they have life.

It is often considered Men are the strongest. However, they have a vulnerable side which is their emotional quotient (EQ). And, that if being exploited with the help of Laws that are built to empower women. There are no laws in India to protect Men. Crime has no gender.

Empowering Women should not come at the cost of destroying Innocent Men and their families. The laws should amend and should provide equality for all the genders. Criminals should be punished irrespective of gender.

If you do not believe it, then head over to the videos section by clicking on the link below.

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